Now time to talk about the wedding, the cutest and one of the most beautiful nights in my life ! I waited 4 weeks until I had all the pictures to share with you everything here. And since the hardest part in the wedding is to find the perfect dresses I want it to be our first topic.

In Moroccan weddings, we have a minimum of 3 traditional dresses, one for the entrance (Ammaria), one for the dinner and one for El mida, you will find what is Ammaria and Mida in the pictures. And of course at the end of the wedding, for the first dance, I wore the white classic dress.

All the dresses and accessories are from Neggafa Mahjouba Marrakchia in Kenitra, you can find her IG account here. The white dress is from Wedding Boutique in Casablanca and you can find her FB page here.

Moroccan wedding is very princely. The bride is a true princess showing in something like a Litter called Ammaria. The first dress is usually white, Gold or a baby pink. Then, the bride change her dress to something more simple, less bright for the diner, for me it was Blue with Silver details. The color doesn’t matter since some brides wear orange or yellow. The third and last traditional dress is the cutest because even the groom wear tradional clothes called Jabadour. Both new weds are carried by 8 people and dance on Andalusian Music. And then last but not least, the international must wear white dress for the first dance and Dad/Daughter dance.

I am leaving below some pictures, if you have any other questions don’t hesitate to leave me a comment.

Thank you so much for reading my blog, see you on my Instagram account for more details.