Every year by the first of February we start hearing a lot about what is the perfect gift, the perfect trip, the perfect diner or the perfect way to celebrate valentine’s day. I am in no way against celebrating it or giving gifts but I feel that it would be better to have something more important next to it. Something more real that will forge the relationship.

That’s why today I will be sharing with you things you can do on Valentine’s day and that will help you in the future:

  • A long talk about what you’ve been through together, all the mistakes you’ve done before and how can you avoid them in the future. All the good steps and how can you adopt them in your daily life. Let’s make Valentine’s day a day to strengthen the bond.
  • Get to know each other more, even if you’ve been in a long relationship, asking questions can help you to know more about your partner, his/her expectations, what he/she really likes about you, etc. An open conversation around a diner can help you to talk frankly.
  • Start rituals, new habits, something like reading together or at same time, having a meal time with no TV, cooking together on weekends, etc. Something that your future self will thank you for.
  • Plan BIG future projects, a travel bucket list with all the countries you want to visit together, Humanitarian work around the world, something big, dreamy and full of love.
  • Learn something new together, register in Spanish courses, music classes, Football or anything you both have passion for. The quality time spent together will help you keep your relationship strong.

This is the kind of things we’re doing personally every year, next to a good diner in one of our favorite restaurants. I hope that this list will give you an idea about what you’re going to do this year. You can share with me which one speaks to you more in the comments.