I know I am late – Always late – but this year I wanted to take my time to think about what I want to achieve and who I want to be after this 365 days. I have two reasons why I wanted to make this resolutions something super serious, first thing is my evaluation of 2017 that was so bad I was so disappointed of myself and what I achieved in general, the second thing is that this year I will be 25 and I really what to move forward in my life. This year I will graduate from University, Get married and start a business. To do so I have to be more organised and achieve a lot of thing in the same time. I think that the fact of spending 2017 so chill made me so angry about myself and that’s a good boost to do better this year.

So I will stop complaining and will share with you the main thing I will work on this year to be a proud Khawla haha by the end of 2018.

Learn new things

If you follow me on Instagram you already know that I am taking a training in Photoshop from the beginning of January. Every month of 2018, I will study something new like Google Adwords and Analytics, Video Making for the vlogs, Digital marketing courses and more. If you have any ideas to propose write me a comment

Be more organised

The 10 min rule is my thing to have a clean house in 2018, in every room I spend 10min to get everything in order everyday. It’s making the cleaning so Fun and Easy and keep my house clean and in order.

Workout / Eat Healthy –

I ate a lot of junk food in the last of 2017 and I gained a lot of weight, 7 kilos exactly if you really want to know. Now I am working out 3/4 times a week with 1200 calories per day and a cheat day. It might look so tough but it’s not believe me, I workout at home with Youtube videos and use FitnessPal to count my calories. I have days when I do mess like today haha but this is just the beginning.


I stopped for so long writing and vlogging because I felt that I am not giving the added value I wanted to give so I needed time to think, plan and go back with the Ideas I want to share. So soon you will see many many youtube vlogs and different blog posts. If you want to see something precise share it with me in the comments.

Get Married

I still can’t imagine that we will do it this year. Marrying your best friend is the craziest happiest thing you can do, I am not stressed I am just excited to be his wife and be just a crazy stupid married couple that will travel around the world, enjoy everything they find in their way and be happy and maybe someday have a lot of kids.


I am dying to go to IRAAAN, I know it’s crazy but I am just excited to go there. Also maybe we will plan as a married couple to go somewhere in Europe maybe Italy not sure yet. I am planning to visit 3 or 4 different cities in Turkey that I never seen before because every corner in this country is magical.

Start my own business

I can’t share a lot about this not because I am hidding it but I am still working on several things in the same time to get the work done and the idea clear. My main goal is to stop working in companies and run my business. I will share with you everything about it once ready.

Please share with me your plans for 2018 and if you have any idea, proposition or advice please write me a comment and  I will be happy to read you.

Thank you

Much love