Hi, I am Khawla, 25yo. Blogging started to be my favorite thing since January 2015 when I started with my husband – Boyfriend back then –  Asfar with us. A blog talking mainly about life in Istanbul and maybe other cities in the future. September 2016 and after much thought I decided to run a personnal blog talking first about and to Women.

Other than blogging, I majored in 2015 in Marketing and a Master Business Administration in 2018. I love eating and tasting new food, watching TV shows and reading books. Music is my life and have taking singing courses for 4 years.

I left Casablanca in 2015 for the beautiful Istanbul and I will not skip the opportunity to go somewhere else if life gives me this chance.

This blog is for us, a free space where everything is allowed, where we can talk about all topics. A place where we share small and big things, where we feel like home.

Thanks for supporting me and reading my blog…

Much love, Khawla L.

If you want to contact me: lambarkielk@gmail.com