You all knew from my last article that I’m getting married this summer which is so YAY. The dream is becoming reality and the two young people will be Mr and Mrs in just few months. I am struggling with what I am going to wear, the makeup, the hair and many many details. Then I realized that all the Brides to be are going through the same problem and same stress. That’s why I decided to share with you my Wedding Inspirations and also tips and tricks about my skin, my routines and also how to plan everything especially if you are living abroad.

I hope that you will like this new category in the blog. All I need from you is interaction, comment and choose with me the best of everything and if you have a better option don’t hesitate to share it with me I will be more than happy.

Today I will start with my wedding hairstyle inspiration, I still didn’t decide and I don’t even know what I want haha. Maybe I will dye my hair grey again or cut all the dyed part, I really don’t know yet. That’s why I am sharing with you the cutest and simpliest hairstyles I found on Pinterest and I want you to leave me in the comment section the one you like the most.

The first picture is mon coup de coeur, so what’s your favorite ?